Where I Stand

Like all who begin their lives, I began it knowing very little at all. Through trial and error I slowly came to recognise patterns, ideas and ‘ways of being’. I began to realise that so many of the things that so many people spend night and day anguishing over were not important at all. Indeed, many of them were not even real things. This is not good enough.

I stand upon a hill looking over a vast valley. In the valley a plethora of armies have gathered, bedecked in their bright colours, their flags fluttering violently in the wind. A great din of noise echoes throughout the valley as a confused mass of men and women battle against each other.

Across the valley, standing upon another hill I see a few people looking down at the battle with even greater interest than me. Their fingers are outstretched, each one tied to an incredibly long string that is attached to the flags of battle. They are the engineers. All the while, the soldiers follow their flags like hungry dogs after a bone.

The myths and ideas that people are willing to die for hold no power over me. I see beyond the promises, the fears and the pleasures that push them into service. I see these and I hope that you do too. I also hope that you will join me on this hill and leave behind the mess of bodies and the pantheon of symbols those bodies are giving everything for.


2 Responses to Where I Stand

  1. Name Free says:

    You might like Max Stirner. Look him up on Wikipedia.

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