About Entito Sovrano

Entito Sovrano is the pseudonym of a writer and philosopher who draws from a great many influences including thinkers such as Max Stirner, Leopold Kohr, Albert Camus, Robert Anton Wilson, Saul Newman, Benett Freeman, Erich Fromm, Guy Debord, Alain de Benoist, Otto Gross, John Zerzan, Lysander Spooner, Friedrich Nietzsche, Murray Rothbard, Michel Onfray, Slavoj Žižek and many, many more.

He hopes that you can take something from his work whatever your cause may be.


3 Responses to About Entito Sovrano

  1. ravelstudio says:

    Love reading your words of wisdom 🙂 thanks for stopping by my blog!


  2. Bob says:

    Hello, you seem like a pretentious moron, goodbye!

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