This is an issue that I have encountered myself.

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  1. danny bloom says:

    great post and good to see it online. I have a google alert set up for
    all posts worldwide on scare quotes topic, pro and con. I am doing
    research on the name of the term, any ideas? who coined it, when and
    where and why? My sources say 1920s, even 1880s in UK. First ref
    online so far in 1946 book by Carey McWilliams, according to Stan
    Carey in Ireland who found the ref. My beef is this: scare quotes is
    an illcoined malcoined term that has no meaning today, BUT is so
    embedded now in the culture that there is now an epidemic of scare
    quotes and it threatens to get worse. So your post is good. We need to
    stop using the Term so much and we need to stop using the TOOL itself
    so much, I say DOWN with scare quotes and if anything, let’s give the
    tool a new name that makes sense. Scare quotes just does not make
    sense in 2012. It was a PHd academic tool but now the entire culture
    uses it like HELLO!. yuck. with me on this? your POV. google “dan
    bloom + scare quotes” to see my research so far or see my 200 blog
    posts at ”plogspot101″ in the blogpost arena. PS I am in Taiwan,
    reporter, editor, writer, blogger, retired

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