The Inverted Rebellion

The symbol of ‘the rebel’ is everywhere. Do you not see it? In bright red t-shirts emblazoned with the face of the murderer Che Guevara, and green Palestinian scarfs, we see what has become the rebel ‘chic’.  Of course, many of the people wearing such things in Western societies know little of what they wear beyond televised news and History Channel specials. Very few of them truly understand the acts and motivations of those they claim to support through the appliance of symbols; even fewer have ever needed or attempted to enact their own struggle in a similar  way.

This is the hyperreal revolt, the fantasy of freedom on the weekends, signified by the consumption of marketable goods for under-read and confused wannabe heroes and heroines.  With every purchase of these symbolic goods, and with every raised fist outside of a McDonald’s restaurant, they think they show ‘solidarity’ with their struggling ‘comrades’ throughout the globe. Often times the purely symbolic value of their gesture are underlined when they later retire to a pub or a nightclub to poison their brains with drugs and alcohol.

In worshipping ‘the rebel’, many of those engaging in these symbolic acts will tend towards supporting virtually all individuals and movements deigned to be ‘rebel’ movements, without discrimination. Most will tend to drop context and support the universal archetype of the rebel in whichever country, for whatever goal, and by whatever means he operates, in order to be ‘consistent’ in their worship. Of course, the inconsistency of the movements they claim to support plays little to no role in deciding the recipients of their symbolic support. As long as said groups are rebelling against an established order of any kind, that is enough. Even if these movements would impose an even greater tyranny, such claims are derided as ‘propaganda’ and ‘reactionary’ – ‘the rebel’ is purely ‘good’.

Beyond this mindless adherence to an image is the ignorance and confusion that derives from mindless adherence. We see so many of these people marching and engaging in various acts of protest and publicity, yet so few of them, when pressed, know exactly what they want to come out of it all. The pointlessness of it is exposed when these people are pressed to give reasons. Indeed, the confusion is so strong among some, many self-declared ‘anarchists’ find themselves advocating absolutely statist views. These supposed ‘anarchists’ will march against state funding cuts, against cuts in taxation (theft), and for greater amounts of state expenditure and state funding.  They see themselves as rebels of the system whilst endorsing the expansion of the system of control itself. This ridiculous state of affairs seems to play into the hands of the powers that be so well, one could be forgiven for thinking that such a social development is at least party orchestrated by those who would gain from this vapid stupidity.

What a tragic position it is to be in; nothing more than actors for an inverted rebellion.

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