The Appropriation of Talent

To have a talent is a wonderful thing.

The development of a talent requires not only a sort of innate skill combined with hard work, but it also requires oneself and/or others around one to recognise it in the first place. I think that there are many people in this world who have potential talents that remain dormant for their entire lives, and that this happens for many reasons. Whether it is a harsh economic reality, an awful upbringing or a dreadful education, the end result usually appears to be a lack of results.

Of course, in the coerced society we live in, the needs and requirements of what is defined as ‘society’ absolutely trumps the interests and development of the average person. If a person who requires developmental support cannot be put to use for the interests of the incumbent paradigm, then they and their potential talents are normally discarded like pieces of trash, thus nullifying opportunities for personal advancement.

But what of those who do recognise their talents? Usually, those people are quickly headhunted by the powers that be to serve as agents for their concerns. This government/industry leviathan attempts to devour all of their talent and bend their abilities towards the overwhelming interests of the heteronomous society. It seems that on so many occasions, this leads to many forms of cowardly and horrific ‘works’ that undermine the dreams and desires of the very people that created them.

A brilliant screenwriter may be recruited to become a grand propagandist, whether he knows it or not. An excellent musician may exhort political or economic activities that support the current order – again, whether they know it or not.  A passionate physicist who seeks to discover the facts and laws of the universe may be influenced (through easily-obtainable state funding for example) into applying his knowledge for the development of weapons of mass destruction. And so on, and so forth, the monster of the ‘ubiquito-heteron’* gobbles up the talents and beauty of the people in this world and uses it to further the goals and support the concerns of those who benefit from the incumbent paradigm.

The person who truly values their freedom and autonomy – and above-all has a respect for their own integrity – knows this and will make sure that his talents, whatever they may be, will not be used for supporting the interests of an outside party that attempts to dominate and usurp all forms of outside concerns.

It is clear that the self-declared ‘masters’ of this world (and their values, their organisations and their institutions) rot and pervert everything they touch, to the core. Let us guard both our hearts and minds with the steel of self-knowledge and develop a great social and cultural bulwark between ourselves and those who would appropriate us down to the very quick of our beings.

*= Ubiquitous heteronomy.

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