Living in the Clouds

‘The state’ collapsed yesterday. The fiat currency of the state in question is now practically worthless. Conventional trade of goods and services has become non-existent. All forms of social ‘security’ are gone.  Nobody knows who or what interest group is ‘in charge’ of the apparatus of the fallen state. It appears that there is some kind of struggle between the elements of the former state that have the most ‘power’, in terms of absolute force and resource control. The various branches of the military are attempting to establish a reactionary ‘order’, whilst their upper hierarchies compete with each other to obtain the key nodes of power.  Your immediate neighbours do not share your values and principles; that is to say, they do not consider absolutely voluntary association to be preferable, nor have ever thought about it even for a moment. What would you do in this situation, to defend yourself, and to establish your freedom and autonomy in the long-term?

I think that this is a very difficult question to answer for many people who associate with – or consider themselves part of – the ‘freedom movement’, let alone members of general society. I also fear that most people would not have a clue – not even a rough outline of what they would do.

The vision of a ‘free future’ has so dominated the thoughts of many people that imagine they are ‘working towards it’, that they have not seriously thought about what that ‘freedom’ would entail, what they would actually do after obtaining it, or if given an immediate opportunity to achieve it.

One cannot hold ‘freedom’ – or an idealistic vision of ‘the future’ – on a pedestal and expect to achieve anything approaching the utopia contained in one’s mind. With one’s head in the clouds one loses sight of the present situation and coddles oneself into a comfortable, deludingly optimistic and laissez-faire attitude towards action in the present.

Let us not be dominated by dreams and visions of ‘freedom’, but open our eyes to the current, contextual associations and activities before us.

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One Response to Living in the Clouds

  1. myrthryn says:

    Agreed. The clouds are only the place to live if everyone else is as well. When the state begins its collapse, many, even the prepared ones will likely be taken by surprise. Then, the time of planning will be over for most. It will be the time of panic.

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