‘The Event’ on a Pedestal

Amongst those that consider themselves to belong to a ‘truth movement’, or those who just generally find revisionist history fascinating, investigation of ‘the event’ tends to dominate their energies. Whether it is the JFK assassination, the Oklahoma City Bombing, 9/11, or any other event where important truths may have been ‘hidden’ –  the same extremely high valuation of investigating ‘the event’ is found.

This drive to focus on events seems to derive from four main motive factors: –

1.) On the positive side, there is a sense of ‘justice’ at play – that seeks to bring the real perpetrators of the event to justice, and obtain justice for the victims of the crime.

2.) On the negative side, facts and figures about certain events – alternate theories, knowledge of rare documents and so forth – serve as ways to distinguish between individuals who investigate the event. I have seen many discussions (about the events described above) turn into fact stating competitions between people, rather than being honest exchanges performed in order to ascertain truth. The person who ‘wins’ such competitions seemingly gains ‘social credit’amongst those who consider themselves to also be ‘truth-seekers’.

3.) There also appears to be people who, whilst taking an interest in ‘conspiracy theory’ and revisionist history, do not take it particularly seriously, and enjoy it more as a boredom-killing hobby than something to be seriously considered. ‘The event’ therefore acts as a go-to topic for easy time-passing discussion and nothing more.

4.) The investigation of – and focus on – past events tends to occlude action in the present. Thus ego-hurting self-realisations of failure to act, laziness, or an inability to recognise what to do in the here and now, can easily be ignored and unrecognised, by means of concentrating on past events. In other words, this focus provides a sort of comfort zone.

While at the outset the first motive seems to be a noble goal, it also seems almost impossibly achievable. What kind of justice could possibly come to those ‘exposed’ for their crimes,all the while the incumbent paradigm remains? Would they be taken to the courts? Of course, the powers that be (members of which are assumed to be the perpetrators of many conspiracies) control the legal system. Also, questions such as ‘What constitutes ‘justice’ in this context?’ are hardly ever asked. Thus, a seemingly simple-minded drive towards ‘exposure’and ‘justice’ is made without a thought for context or realistic outcomes.

Think of all the time and energy spent by thousands if not millions of people over the past ten years, who have placed ‘the event’on a pedestal – what do we have to show for all of that work? Nothing. Politically, the situation is even further from the kind of paradigm almost everyone within the ‘truth movement’and the ‘freedom movement’ would want. Now, think how that same energy and time could have been converted into building a rational, voluntary and sustainable society.

What an embarrassing and depressing waste.

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